Technological innovation is a must in the 21th century. Nowadays there is a widely spread urge for mechanisation and automation. As a sound and modern enterprise also Poeth reaches for a higher degree of perfection and for still better control of quality and results. Alike you, we cannot rest on our oars.

When William Poeth -back in 1921- founded the company which is now known as Poeth B.V., he could have hardly guessed that the world was entering an industrial revolution at the time. Small handicraft businesses expanded to industrial giants and multinational companies.

In their own modest way, Poeth contributed to that due to their ability to solve problems in the field of machine- and installation-construction. The cattle-feed industry in the early fifties formed an important challenge. There was a tendency to process inexpensive materials like tapioca and derivates and to blend them with vitamins, minerals and other nutritious elements. This young industry was not precedential at all. Everything had to be built-up from scratch. Mixing-installations, dosing-equipment, pellet-presses, silos, conveyors and pneumatic transports were developed and build by Poeth. Also our efforts have brought the Dutch feed-industry to the present world leading position.

Poeth supplies machinery and services nowadays also to other industries than feed-industry. We develop and innovate in the field of solids processing in general. References are found in processes for production of flour in feed-industry to recycling of bio-mass for power generation. The environment is served with our extensive program in industrial dustfilters.

Our know-how, Up-to-date machinery and tools, together with the latest develop-ments in process-technology may be used also for your company. Our engineers are apt to give projects, developed for you, by you and with you, an actual and particular image. On demand we act as a system integrator and bring the best machinery together for an optimal functioning of your process. We feel, that this is also part of technological innovation.

Poeth’s principle starting-points have always been: “Control of the technology of any industrial process, labourcost reduction in terms of automation and savings on energy”. Like the already mentioned cattle-fodder industry, we have a few other specialisations. Those specialisations include a.o.installations for breweries, flour- and cacao-mills, chemical industries, bio-mass production for power generation, transfer and storage of bulkproducts, paper-industry, recycling industry and potting soil production.

Said specialisations of course do not obstruct the realisation of an adequate solution for your problem. On the contrary. You and we together will certainly reach an optimal, efficient and technically feasible solution. Poeth offers you a wide variety of possibilities. Ranging from consultancy to complete turn-key projects, and everything in between. You may call on us in every phase and for any part of a project. We will always strive for satisfactory results. Because that is Poeth’s interpretation of TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION.

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